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When you receive a piece of business mail, whether anticipated or unanticipated, the first thing you notice is the envelope. For a new customer, this is your business’s introduction. For an existing customer, this is your business’s illustration of strong marketing and a level of dedication and quality to your customer communications. For any recipient, this is an opportunity to showcase your business and its level of professionalism.

Why Custom Printed Envelopes are Important

By sending your business correspondence in a custom printed envelope that is unique to your company, you have an opportunity to showcase your level of consideration for the quality of your products. If a business dedicates the resources to correspondence that makes a positive impression on the customer, the customer can expect a high level of quality in the services and/or products your business offers.

Types of Envelopes Available

Custom printed envelopes are available to suite all of your business needs. Are you sending an invoice or a low page count piece of correspondence? A simple, business size envelope with your company logo and contact information will give the customer valuable information in a professional manner. Are you sending a delicate package with custom printed photographs? A larger envelope made of a denser material will protect your sensitive documents and illustrate to your customer that the interior of the envelope is important, and your business cares about protecting it. Sending a special note or an invitation? A smaller envelope that is custom fitted to the size of your note lets the customer know that this will be much more fun than your standard piece of business mail.

Work with allstar printing company

Our printing professionals at allstar printing company are your best bet in creating an effective piece of marketing material that will achieve the goal of getting the attention of your customer. With enhanced graphic software and printing technology, the quality of the custom printed envelope will greatly exceed anything that is produced by a novice printer. You chose to seek custom printed envelopes because of the benefits it provides to you and your business, so take full advantage of that opportunity by working with allstar printing. Call us at 512.467.0948.

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