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Features of Great Checks and Check Printing

allstar printing company offers Austin customers many options for the types of checks they need for business or personal use. Checks are available in many designs, font types and colors. Checks can even be personalized with custom designs. Businesses tend to choose distinctive check styles imprinted with their brand colors and logo. This makes them easily recognizable. All checks can be printed with the specific bank's MICR number, checking account number, business or personal name, address and name/names of those authorized to sign checks. If desired, checks may be numbered in sequence.

Work With Us For Your Austin Check Printing Needs

Trying to print checks at home or at the office with a standard printer often results in printer jams and torn checks with numbers out of sequence. Often, payee information is printed with the wrong check numbers. Resolving these issues are time consuming.

Checks that are damaged have to be voided and every check number thereafter has to be rectified in the accounting system. All voided checks should be retained, should a question by an independent auditor arise.

The quality of check paper may also be of lower grades. All of these issues can cost the individual or business unnecessary expense and loss of check printing time. When you work with allstar printing company, you can make sure that:

  • Check information is accurate
  • Check numbers are in proper order
  • Checks are printed faster and are ready for delivery or pick-up by the customer
  • The cost per check saves money and time

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